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Politics on the Dance Floor

Die amerikanisch-israelische Autorin Orit Arfa lebt seit einigen Monaten in Berlin und liebt das Nachtleben dort. Was sie nur irritiert: Dass sie beim Partymachen ständig auf Politik angesprochen wird – und das geht meist nicht so gut aus

Dies ist Dschihad (Cicero Magazine)

Die amerikanisch-israelische Autorin Orit Arfa war nach Deutschland gekommen, um endlich normal leben zu können. Seit dem Anschlag in Berlin spürt sie die gleiche Angst wie in Israel, auch weil viele Deutsche die Gefahr nicht sehen wollen

The Holocaust Is Over (Op-Ed)

The Holocaust is over. I have no authority to make this bold claim, for if I were to believe it then my background as the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors on my father’s side would be irrelevant, and no Jew directly victimized by the Holocaust would have any increased moral standing in commenting on the place of Holocaust memorial in today’s society.

Germany, I’m crazy about you!

Und jetzt, da der Terror auch Dich betrifft, trifft es mich so viel stärker als bei jedem anderen europäischen Land, das vom Terror heimgesucht wird. Wenn ich höre, wie Freunde sagen, dass Du es verdient hast.

A love letter to Germany, from the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors

And now, when a terror attack hits you, I feel more pain for you than for any other European country victimized by terror, even as I hear friends say Germany deserves it, that it got what’s coming, especially for indiscriminately opening its borders to scores of migrants from antisemitic Muslim countries. But I feel your pain, and I want to fight for you, almost as much as I want to fight for Israel.

My love letter to Germany goes viral in Deutschland

Just recently, he translated my “Love Letter to Germany, from the Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors”. The comments I have received from Germans are very heartwarming, indicating that the seeds of a true Israel-German friendship and partnership exist, and that the two nations could fight darkness together. On his pages, the letter has received over 1500 shares and likes.

Follow My Berlin Footsteps

One of the advantages of living in Berlin, at least for the summer, is the fact that you walk a lot. Even though public transportation is excellent and you don’t need a car, walking on the wide sidewalks is so pleasant in the mild weather. With my iPhone’s “Health” app tracking my steps, I was able to compare how much walking I do in Berlin versus Tel Aviv and Los Angeles (where I drive). Here is a weekly average: (Based on a random sample – we’ll see how this changes now that I got a bike!)

The Jewish boy who drives German girls crazy

“We’ll push our way to the front,” my friend, a staunch Charlie Puth fan, told me right before the Charlie’s concert in Postbanhof Club in Berlin on May 14. “The Germans will probably stand around politely. We have the Israeli chutzpah.”

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