Berlin Becomes A Musical Playground For Israeli Artists

“You can live in honor and pay your rent and make music and meet great musicians and travel in Europe,” says Magal. “Berlin is kind of the center of Europe and more special things could happen; the place is really open to different accents, styles and things that sound less generic.”

Something to hoot about

A franchise of the popular American restaurant chain Hooters is located in Netanya, and the husband-and-wife owners couldn’t be more proud of their waitress daughter

Landen: A tale of two bars (review)

My partner in party-crime Anat and I were surprised when the entrance to the Landen mega-bar was rather unpopulated upon our arrival. The last time we were there the entrance hallway was clobbered with yuppy-ish, well- dressed Tel Avivians vying for entrance, and we had given up on getting in. Located in an underground cellar type room at the London Ministore mall, Landen is Tel Aviv’s nightlife flavor of the month.

Not the ‘Circus’ (bar review)

Herziliya Pituach is home to some dozen bars and dance bars, and while a good number of them demonstrate the design sophistication of bars in Tel Aviv, they have never really enjoyed the mega-trendy, ultra-cool vibe of Tel Aviv establishments.

A place to play (bar review)

Everyone who grew up in Jerusalem about two decades ago wistfully remembers House of Toys, he says – a fantasy land of three stories filled with toys of every kind. Now that Varon’s all grown-up at 30, he and his partners have turned the former toy store into a nightlife playground where beautiful secular adults can make other fantasies come true.

Julian (resto-bar review)  

Julian was started by Iro Monitz, originally from Katzrin in the Golan Heights, and who juggles his ownership of Julian with his studies as a law student in Holon. He named the place after the last officer to man the Ottoman- British crossing, but Julian the resto-bar is clearly up to date with the twenty first century.

Pub crawl through Haifa (listing)  

Haifa locals might groan that nightlife there consists of just a few landmark establishments, and while it’s true that the selection is sparse compared to Tel Aviv’s, Haifa offers a bit of everything: mega clubs, live music bars, dance bars, resto-bars and pubs.

Summing up the party

Haoman 17 gave Tel Avivians a reason to travel to the Holy City and Jerusalemites to stay put

Israeli DJs Popular the World Over

Though Israel’s public image overseas may be a source of constant stress for policymakers, if one recent poll is to be believed, the country is among the world’s most popular for devoted club-goers. Infected Mushroom, DJ Yahel and Offer Nissim aren’t likely to be familiar names to most people out of their 20s, but thanks …

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Midnight at the oasis (bar review)

Temperatures may be dropping even in Eilat as winter arrives, but things continue to heat up at the coolest restaurant-bar there, the Park Avenue.

The Secrets of a Successful Bar

Owners reveal some of the principles of popularity. ‘There are no miracles in this business.’

Herzliya nights (listing)

In the past decade, Herzliya has grown to boast not only some of the best restaurants in the country, but also some of the most happening resto-bars, bar lounges, pubs and dance bars. On weekends the Herzliya industrial zone and its yacht marina is mobbed by partyers of all ages looking to eat, dance, and drink in this bar-hoppers paradise.

Party in the valley (listing)

The following is a partial listing for adventurers who want to break out of Tel Aviv and see how Sabras party in the little cities.

Mea Gulpa (restaurant review)

This shrine to Tel Aviv nightlife is intended to attract those who are pious about their nightlife priorities: looking good, smoking premium cigarettes, nursing quality drinks, and picking up classy members of the opposite sex.

Where the guys go

Even the name of this new mega-bar in the Yad Harutzim bar compound of Tel Aviv evokes machismo and self-indulgence. That the Ego Bar was founded by Israeli hoopster Moshe Mizrahi together with the Israeli television channel for men, EGO, only strengthens the impression that the bar is a men’s club.

A bar for valley girls (bar review)

The most happening bar-lounge in Emek Hefer, the rural valley just north of Netanya, takes its name from this famous cinematic phrase of The Princess Bride, which follows Princess Buttercup’s love for a blonde farm boy.

Breakfast Club: the dance-bar (review)

This dance-bar is as ‘Tel Aviv’ as they come – it boasts a good-looking crowd of trendy locals who like to smoke and pretend they live in Europe; the regular ‘celeb’ clientele; esoteric electronic music blasting through the speakers; and snobby selection.

A Traveler’s Guide to Tel Aviv Nightlife

If the Cinderella story had been set in Tel Aviv, her raggedy slipper would have turned into a magical glass pump at the witching hour, instead of the other way around.

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