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Muslims Promote “Let the Jordan Run” Temple Mount Music Video

This is the kind of hatred were are dealing with. While Jews only ask to pray, these Muslim haters ask to kill. Where is the Muslim outrage at the calls for genocide by their co-religionists? Do they stand by this? Do they believe in religious tolerance? #LetJewsPray The lowlife YouTube comments reveal that the “conflict” in Israel isn’t about a strip of territory, it’s about Muslim intolerance that is coddled. This is the atmosphere that encourages cold-blooded murder and kidnapping of Israelis and Jews. #LetJewsPray I thank the haters for raising awareness of Muslim intolerance by spreading the video through social media, calling for Jewish subjugation and death. Let’s not forget the tweets, either: @irenerabinowitz @Oritar U are the most disgusting humans @ earth! No wonder why hitler burned U — Mohammed Barakat (@mbarakat88) June 13, 2014

The warped narrative of Ami Kaufman and the fringe Left of Israel

Firstly, I’d like to thank Ami Kaufman, a blogger at the radical Left +972, for his constant encouragement and for promoting my YouTube videos. Without his first post seeking to trash my famous “Jews Can’t Stop” Miley Cyrus parody, I might not have achieved a wider platform to promote my views (to as far as the UK) on human freedom, Jewish pluralism, Arab-Israeli coexistence, and the respect of individual rights as a means to end the Israeli/Palestine conflict. Ironically, even +972 was open enough to allow for refreshed dialogue when it posted my piece “Can a Settler Be Against the Occupation?” I thought perhaps my new video, “Protect You,” might open his cold heart, that feeling the plight of a little girl crying to her father to protect her from rocket fire might elicit some compassion from a man who poses as a “humanitarian.” The Twitter conversation ensued, revealing his warped narrative and the psyche of a man who would probably love to see all Jewish settlers shot in a ditch, including women and babies. He was none-to-happy that I caught him in his tactics, so here he goes again, trying to “expose” me when he only further exposed his hatred for Israel and his strange anti-Israel bedfellows. Seeking to discredit me and my new video “Protect You,” he wrote in “The warped narrative of a settler – and of mainstream Israel”: It’s the narrative of government after government for …

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Orit’s new eBook on Spinoza & Ayn Rand out now!

The famous Dutch philosopher and Jewish iconoclast, Spinoza, outlined a view of God that called forth a philosophy of reason and egoism, revolutionizing organized religion and paving way for the Enlightenment. About 400 years later, in the twentieth Century, philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand, a devout atheist of Jewish descent, also called forth a philosophy of reason and egoism through novels about men and women who act according to their rational self-interest, most famously The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. While Spinoza’s God-centric view of the universe outlined in his magnum opus, Ethics, may seem at odds with Rand’s atheistic base, their view of man, ethics, and the way we come to knowledge are actually so similar as to render these two thinkers…soulmates. This e-book demonstrates the deep similarities in their thought, allowing their respective works to serve as literary companions for anyone seeking to understand their philosophies and a philosophy of humankind that allows us to realize our highest potential. Purchase it on Amazon:

I’m on the Cover of “Israeli Week”

Micha Keynan, reporter for “Israeli Week,” the premier Israeli weekly based in LA, wrote a cover story about me on, how appropriately, July 4. While the article is in Hebrew, I discuss how individual freedom should be the operating motive when it comes to shaping Israeli policy. Click here to read the article in Hebrew (or look at the pix).

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