Underskin Coverage

Author DM Miller Puts “Underskin” at Top 5

Author DM Miller has rated Underskin as one of the top five books of 2017. She begins: A book that makes you think. That’s what I’m always searching for, and I found it here. After reading and subsequently ranting and raving about Arfa’s first novel, The Settler, I was anxious to see what she’d come up with next. And this one is certainly intriguing. This book has it all: politics, religion, history and culture, all wrapped up in an entertaining love story about two people, trying to figure things out. Read the rest and see the other picks, here.

More than the “Milky” Challenge

“A book recommended to anyone looking for some fresh, bold voices and point of views about the human German-Israeli story.” —Think Now review of Underskin

Underskin: A Novel

Times of Israel Review of Underskin

“Underskin may come across to some as little more than an erotic romp in the hay, but its provocative discussion of a serious subject gives readers plenty of food for thought.”

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