Let the Jordan Run – And Go After What You Want

Proud to present my latest video about Jewish self-affirmation. “Let the Jordan Run” is an adaptation of Carly Simon’s beautiful “Let the River Run.” The video is filmed on the Temple Mount with beautiful students who are committed to Jewish freedom of worship on the Mount.

Really, the video is about the politics of self-denial, and the rejection of such politics.

The Jews have yearned for the Temple Mount for 2,000 years. They have prayed towards it, for it, and finally liberated it in 1967 – well, almost.

A victory turned into a defeat when Israel gave control of the Temple Mount to the Waqf, Jordanian Muslim police which severely limits when and where Jews can ascend there, with bans on Jewish prayer. A Jew is subject to arrest for simply mouthing a prayer. Jews are supervised and often harrassed.

The message that the abdication of the Temple Mount sends to the world is: you can’t have what you want.

In today’s society, people who go after what they want are labeled selfish.  Religious and secular movements alike try to tell people they’re bad for pursuing what they really want deep in their hearts.

The liberation of the Temple Mount for the Jews is the liberation of the human heart. That is the End of Days.

Be true to your heart.

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