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Contact Orit for an inspiring, different take and fresh perspective on current events in Israel.

Orit is available to speak at schools, college campuses, groups to Israel, and organizations. She is also available to conduct and facilitate tours throughout Israel, with a focus on the communities in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

Topics of talks include:

How Zionism Destroyed Gush Katif – A look into how the collective principles behind Zionism, while have a valid basis in self-defense and Jewish self-determination, ultimately sow the seeds for Israel’s destructive policies of “land for peace” and appeasement of terror. A surprising, fresh take on the philosophical underpinnings on a movement that has inspired millions of Jews, but which may also hurt them.

How Pop Music Can Save Israel – What is it about pop music and that makes us sing and dance? What affect can music have on our culture and individual souls? Drawing from her music studies, Orit will make a case for a theory of pop music as the music of an individualistic society, and how Israel, as the only free country in the Middle East, requires pop music to survive.

Can Israel Be Like Howard Roark? – For fans of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, Orit will discuss her book “The Fountain of Esther: A Literary Comparison of the Book of Esther and The Fountainhead” and how Howard Roard, the hero of The Fountainhead, can provide inspiration for the Jewish people and Israel to prevail over their enemies.

The Book of Esther as a Secular Work – Without mentioning the name of God, the Book of Esther, emerges as the most secular of the Biblical books. This talk will explore how a secular philosophy – one based on reason and objective morality – rather than faith and ritual – is deeply embedded in the Book of Esther.