“The Settler” Trailer

This is a hugely emotional moment for me. This is the moment I let my baby run free into the world. By baby, I refer to my debut novel, The Settler.

It is a work ten years in the making, a work that has enveloped my life, that has for many years been an obsession. I cried for this book, my heart bled for this book, and, of course, I drank lots of alcohol for this book. I spent countless of dollars and countless of hours investing in a novel to challenge the way people think about Israel, the Middle East, and the world through their hearts as much as minds.

The Settler has enabled me to develop my worldview and clear up my confusion about Israel following the breakdown I had with Zionism when I was forcefully evacuated from the main Gush Katif synagogue in Gaza in 2005. It is not auto-biographical but draws from some of my experiences.

It follows Sarah Dakar, a college freshman dragged out of her home by the IDF in that fateful summer of 2005, and her escape from religious Zionism through the sizzling nightlife world of Tel Aviv. It is not Left or Right…it sets forth a new, daring worldview.

Whether or not you intend to read The Settler, please support my work and purchase the eBook on Amazon.


Thank you! Enjoy the read!

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