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Underskin, a new erotic novel by author and journalist ORIT ARFA, explores Israel-German relationshipsin politics, societyand the bedroom

Berlin. Tel Aviv. Beer. Sex. Holocaust. Refugees. Nazis. All hot topics are explored through an unconventional love story

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Underskin spans both Tel Aviv and Berlin from 2016 to 2017 and explores the trend of intimate relationships between third-generation Holocaust survivors and perpetrators and the complications they encounter culturally, politically, and socially.

Nilly, a Tel Aviv-based architect, recently broke off an engagement and is now seeking love. With a traditional Jewish background, she never thought she’d find it in the form of a non-Jew, let alone a German! As the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, her mother boycotts all German products. But when gorgeous Sebastian lays his towel next to her on the beach one afternoon, she is transfixed; however, she’s not sure he won’t “boycott” her. He’s in Israel on a musical peace mission while she was born in Ariel, an Israeli in the West Bank/Samaria that he considers “an obstacle to peace.” He, too, was born in a city known for the tug between war and peace: Dresden. They soon find they are more similar than they thought, and their differences and similarities are explored through intriguing conversation—and hot sex.

Underskin explores modern German-Israeli ties through a new genre: literary erotica. Through it, Arfa hopes to offer a new paradigm for German-Israeli relations on the personal and national level.