Vanessa Williams – You Hear the Rocket Blast

It’s a celebrity sighting that’s not getting too much attention in the media, understandable given Israel is in the middle of a war. Grammy-award winning artist and former Miss America Vanessa Williams seems to be unfazed by all the rocket attacks in Israel as she visits the country, and she’s more than glad to be her own paparrazi. Judging from her Facebook posts, she is having a wonderful time enjoying the archeology, history, and beauty that Israel has to offer, even as half the country awaits anxiously for the next siren.

She’s so moved by her visit, that she actually wrote a song about #israelunderfire based on her famous hit, “Save the Best for Last.” (Okay, so it’s actually a parody by yours truly.) Watch it to get a sense of how Israelis feel during this time. Vanessa Williams rocks!

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