Behind the Bundestag’s vote against banning the political arm of Hezbollah

 The scene out of the German Bundestag (Parliament), with its transparent dome shining light overhead to symbolize democracy—the “new Germany”—might as well have taken place in the rowdy Knesset, where MKs are known to talk over each other and trade nasty barbs. Unlike the uneventful, late-afternoon discussion about illegal employment before it, this debate was heated. The subject: the ban on Hezbollah’s political arm.

As the sponsor of the legislation, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) MP Beatrix Von Storch began: “The question about whether Hezbollah should be banned should not really be the question. The question should be: Why has this not long happened long ago? Hezbollah is waging a war of terror against the Israeli civilian population with one goal: the extermination of the Jewish state. Hezbollah must get out of here.”

She ended with: “Pray, tell: Which side are you on?”

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