Broder Comes to Orit’s Defense

In his characteristic style, acclaimed columnist and satiric writer, Henryk Broder, comes to Orit’s defense as she’s marginally “smeared” as  a “Trump apologist” by the radical left-wing newspaper, TAZ. Below is the rough English translation of his article.

Not like this, Orit! Not with us!

Of course, the TAZ is for freedom of speech and opinion, for freedom of demonstration and for the right of women to take to the streets against misogyny and contempt for women. In principle. In detail, it depends on who makes use of the right of these freedoms. As long as they are citizens who agree with TAZ’s views, then everything is fine. It only becomes questionable for people who have a different opinion. This can quickly upset the TAZ.

Really angry, that is to say: unhinged. That’s the TAZ when a demonstration “tries to establish a connection between sexual violence and the immigration of refugees and migrants”–a malicious insinuation pulled out of thin air, like that of saying Islamism could have something to do with Islam.

Such demonstrations should actually be forbidden, but because that’s difficult, the organizers and supporters must be kicked into the green bin. It reads like this: In her second attempt to “give our women a voice”, Leyla Bilge received the support of author and Trump apologist Orit Arfa alongside the former civil rights activist Vera Lengsfeld and the right-wing populist journalist David Berger.

Only “climate deniers” would be worse
Yeah, that says everything about the demonstration and its puppet mastermind. But “former civil rights activist” is still harmless and “right-wing populist publicist” is moderately malicious. But “Trump apologist” is the most brutal accusation possible that anyone can make today. It’s only  “Climate deniers” that immediately follow.

How did Orit Arfa earn the attribute “Trump apologist”? Probably from an article in the Judische Algemeine in which she confessed to having voted for Donald Trump.

“I voted for Trump because I think Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician and a bad presidential candidate. It was a protest vote since the state of California is a democratic stronghold. I chose Trump because I found some of the positions he expressed during the election campaign interesting, and I hope he will do America good as a political newcomer. Naturally, I can’t say that for sure. He says things with no regard for political correctness. People like that. He doesn’t always apologizes. He sticks to his guns. We will see what he’ll do in office.”

You can’t do or say things like that. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even think of voting Donald! The right to vote is a great good, but not if it is abused to vote for the wrong person.

It’s all Bibi’s fault
All right, Orit Arfa is a Trump apologist. If it were up to the TAZ, her residence permit for Germany – or at least for Prenzlauer Berg and the neighboring districts – would be revoked.

But how should the Israel-Palestine correspondent Susanne Kaul be reprimanded for her terror-apologetic reports from Jerusalem? “Terror is terror is terror,” she writes, but means the opposite, because there are “reasons… for the desperation that motivates Palestinians to become suicide bombers”. And Netanyahu is actually to blame, because he does not manage to “constructively counter” the “terror” of the Palestinians.

Unlike Orit Arfa, “the cold-hearted woman K.” knows how to clearly differentiate. Regarding the kidnapping of three Israeli youths who were later murdered, she spouts: “If there were a solution to the conflict in the form of two states, the three kidnapped boys would be sitting with their classmates today.

If this were the case, Susanne Knaul would not be reporting for the Jerusalem TAZ, but writing horoscopes for the Leisure section. At best.

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