Sputnik covers Orit’s address at German parliament on Peace Accords

Eine israelische Journalistin sprach am Mittwoch im Bundestag über möglichen Frieden im Nahen Osten. Ebenso über Palästina, Israel und das Friedensabkommen mit den Emiraten durch Vermittlung der US-Regierung. Eingeladen dazu hat Außenpolitiker Anton Friesen (AfD). Wie ist Trumps Friedensplan für Nahost einzuschätzen? Sputnik war vor Ort.

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Broder Comes to Orit’s Defense

In his characteristic style, acclaimed columnist and satiric writer, Henryk Broder, comes to Orit’s defense as she’s marginally “smeared” as  a “Trump apologist” by the radical left-wing newspaper, TAZ. Below is the rough English translation of his article. Not like this, Orit! Not with us! Of course, the TAZ is for freedom of speech and opinion, for freedom of demonstration and for the right of women to take to the streets against misogyny and contempt for women. In principle. In detail, it depends on who makes use of the right of these freedoms. As long as they are citizens who agree with TAZ’s views, then everything is fine. It only becomes questionable for people who have a different opinion. This can quickly upset the TAZ. Really angry, that is to say: unhinged. That’s the TAZ when a demonstration “tries to establish a connection between sexual violence and the immigration of refugees and migrants”–a malicious insinuation pulled out of thin air, like that of saying Islamism could have something to do with Islam. Such demonstrations should actually be forbidden, but because that’s difficult, the organizers and supporters must be kicked into the green bin. It reads like this: In her second attempt to “give our women a voice”, Leyla Bilge received the support of author and Trump apologist Orit Arfa alongside the former civil rights activist Vera Lengsfeld and the right-wing populist journalist David Berger. Only “climate deniers” would be worse Yeah,

Broder Comes to Orit’s Defense Read More »

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