If Amsterdam purges prostitutes and pot shops from city center, will Jewish sites suffer?

Forward, September 30, 2020 Will the pandemic lockdown inspire Amsterdam to purge the sex and drugs from its historic core and focus more on its Jewish cultural heritage? Some natives hope so — but not necessarily the Jewish community. Like most of its European neighbors, Holland closed its borders during the coronavirus along with its …

If Amsterdam purges prostitutes and pot shops from city center, will Jewish sites suffer? Read More »

Amsterdam, Sex and the Lockdown

(English with German subtitles) Das Rotlichtviertel von Amsterdam gehört für viele zur Stadt wie die Grachten oder das Van-Gogh-Museum. Dennoch gibt es Diskussionen unter den Anwohnern, ob man es nicht vor die Stadt verbannen sollte. Viele hofften, dass Corona dem schnellen Sex ein Ende bereiten würde. Doch davon kann keine Rede sein. Orit Arfa sprach vor Ort mit den Beteiligten.

My Swedish Corona Fairy Tale

Orit travels with her daughter Hanna to Stockholm to find out how they bucked the European lockdown trend–and to get a bit of fresh air.

Hanukkah and Christmas lights intertwine in former Nazi hotbed

The bearers of these Hanukkah candles aren’t Jewish. In fact, many of them are descendants of avowed Nazis. They are members of TOS Ministries, a church in Tübingen that for the past 10 years has made it a religious mission to redeem the town, the souls of its residents and the Christian faith by connecting Christianity to its Jewish roots, researching personal family history as it relates to the Holocaust and standing up for Israel.

The many faces of Dresden

These days, most people don’t associate the capital of the German state of Saxony with its historic beauty. The infamous Anglo-American firebombing of February 1945 turned the Old City into rubble, killing an estimated 40,000.

Summer in Berlin, from West to East

For those seeking a summer weekend in temperatures that are unpredictably mild, or who want to delve into this creative, multicultural city for more than just Germany’s dark past and tortured history, here’s a mini-weekend guide taking you across the city, from west to east:

A tour through the new Berlin

The Magazine ventures to Berlin to learn firsthand how the influx of refugees – and non-refugees – are changing the landscape of the German capital

Ready, Set, Goa

Some tips for touring around Goa and Hampi in India

A day tour through Rahat

During the recent outbreak of violence in Israel, Orit spends the day in Rahat with a Bedouin young leader.

Hip for Hungary (Travel Article)

Today, when a Hungarian millennial says the “Jewish Quarter,” they don’t mean the ornate Great Synagogue, the Holocaust memorials or the few kosher eateries. They mean the cool cafes, vanguard pubs, wine bars and boutique shops.

Israel-Indian ties Goa-ing forward

As diplomatic relations between New Delhi and Jerusalem mature, Israeli tourism matures on the beaches of Palolem, Anjuna and Arambol, in Goa

Made in China

With the Beijing Olympics over, businessman Sheldon Adelson is reaching for the tourism gold in China.

The new/old city of Nazareth

The city of Nazareth – the Arab capital and Christian stronghold – receives a facelift, thanks to a Jew.

History and Trends Blend in Jerusalem

The only completed portion is a small section of the outdoor mall, but among its anticipated 138 stores are Israeli fashion chains and boutique shops, as well as high-end retail outfits like Tommy Hilfiger, MAC, Bebe, H. Stern and Ralph Lauren.

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