Corporate cancel culture reaches Germany with a Jewish twist

(August 26, 2022 / JNS) Outside of Germany, most Jews have not heard of the German media outlet Achgut, short for “Die Achse Des Guten,” translated as “the Axis of Good.” It doesn’t have the name recognition of the legacy media outlets like the left-wing Der Spiegel or the pro-Israel tabloid, BILD. But in Germany, it has a cult following and is best analogized to the Daily Wire in America. (In full disclosure, I’m a contributor to Achgut.)

Its co-founder and lead columnist is prominent Jewish intellectual Henryk Broder. Known for his biting satire, Broder, 76, has authored the book The Eternal Anti-Semite and countless essays on the failings of modern Germany in fighting anti-Semitism. Achgut is arguably the most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish publication in Germany, featuring articles favorable to Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria—a position considered anathema to the German political mainstream. Most German publications are publicly funded. Not Achgut.

“We started it 18 years ago simply because we’re journalists, and we wanted to have a playground of our own. No editors and agents in between. It took some time, and now it’s really very successful,” said Broder in a telephone interview from Berlin. Achgut boasts more than 1 million unique views a month.

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