For Israeli right, Trump’s Mideast legacy will outshine his last days

 For most of the Israeli right, U.S. President Donald Trump’s pro-Israel legacy will outlive other elements of his controversial presidency, particularly his last days in office.

Pro-Trump leaders, activists and analysts said that the Jan. 6 mob invasion of the U.S. Capitol, for the most part, will not change the nationalist camp’s high regard for the Trump administration’s pro-Israel achievements, which include moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem; recognizing Israel’s sovereignty of the Golan Heights and the legitimacy of Jewish settlements in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria); and the brokering of the Abraham Accords despite the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

American-Israeli activist Avi Abelow, who runs the pro-Israel media platform, Pulse of Israel, said it is wrong to blame Trump for the violence in Washington.

“I believe it will be a blip on the historical timeline, and even within a few years, the true Trump legacy will be accepted and taught in the history books, and not this stain that is part of a four-year-long campaign to delegitimize Trump and the whole movement,” said Abelow, a resident of Efrat.

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