German anti-Semitic arts scandal continues to foment after festival director resigns

(July 20, 2022 / JNS) In the continued fallout of the scandal surrounding anti-Semitic works presented at the Documenta 15 art festival in Kassel, Germany, director Sabine Schormann has announced her resignation. The Jewish community, however, has called for actual consequences related to the images on display, with the American Jewish Committee Berlin leading the call for her ousting.

“The Supervisory Board expresses its deep consternation that clearly anti-Semitic motifs were to be seen on the opening weekend of Documenta 15,” read Documenta’s July 16 statement announcing the mutually agreed upon resignation of longtime director Schormann. “The presentation of the banner ‘Peopleʼs Justice’ by the artistsʼ collective Taring Padi with its anti-Semitic imagery was a clear transgression of boundaries and Documenta was thus considerably

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