German politicians sound unprecedented pro-Israel rhetoric at Berlin rally

 Just hours before Israel and Hamas announced a ceasefire on May 21, German politicians representing all political parties, except for the excluded right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), gathered in front of the iconic Brandenburg Gate—yards away from Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial—to pledge its unwavering support for Israel. The rally, which drew by larger estimates about 1,000 people, was organized by the WerteInitiative (“ValuesInitiative”), a Jewish NGO that aims to secure Jewish life in Germany, and co-sponsored by several Jewish and non-Jewish groups.

The rally was the pro-Jewish answer to the onslaught of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic demonstrations seen across Germany as Israel sought to stem Hamas’s rocket barrage over the course of 11 days. In several German cities, pro-Palestinians activists protested against Israel’s operation with anti-Semitic chants and actions unseen since the era of the Third Reich. READ MORE.

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