Since 1998, Orit has served as a regular contributor to the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles and served as their Israel correspondent from 1999-2008. Since 2005, Orit has been a regular contributor to the Jerusalem Post. Orit has covered extensively the American Jewish community and modern Israeli life on a wide range of subjects: politics, religion, arts and entertainment, society, relationships, travel, food, nightlife, and health. Her feature articles, op-eds, and singles columns have been syndicated in a variety of publications.

In 2016, Orit settled in Germany to cover Israeli-German relations, Berlin life, and Jewish communities in Europe. Her work also appeared in German, in such publications as Cicero, Die Achse Des Guten, Fluter, and Juedische Rundschau. 

The website includes samples, and by no means an exhaustive selection, of her feature articles and columns.

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