My Delicious First Visit to Katsuya

I normally wouldn’t indulge in a three-course meal at Katsuya, the brand-name upscale Japanese American restaurant that’s part of the in-your-face-hip SBE Entertainment Group. Since its Brentwood launch in 2006 and three subsequent SoCal venues, Katsuya is a rite of passage for LA high-life posers and practitioners alike. So when DINE LA, running through Feb. 4, offered three-course Katsuya meals for $34, I had to go.

Walk in and the influence of design mogul Phillipe Stark immediately shines in black-and-white leather chic. Gardens of pretty SoCal people lit by candlelight are planted in tables and sleek sofas. Surprisingly, Katsuya is very family friendly with most patrons at our early Sunday dinner hour consisting of well-dressed parents and their well-behaved children. READ MORE.

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