Opening scene of The Settler made into a play in New York

The opening scene of The Settler was performed as a play by the 24/6 Jewish Theater Company in NYC this past July as part of a three-part show exploring the pullout from Gaza from a variety of angles to mark 10 years since the pullout. The stage adaption was done by Sacha Reich of the Jewish Theatre Collaborative for a previous show in Oregon.

“Gaza Stories” was covered in the Israeli paper, Yedioth Aharaonot (Ynet), in which the actress states: “It’s important that whoever comes to tonight’s show wo;; examine the bloody Israeli conflict of the past decade, not disregard differing viewpoints, and ask all the questions before expressing an opinion or position.” She adds: “The decision to ‘disengage’ was essential to me, but at the same time, I know the story up close. People who didn’t pack got promises of miracles from the rabbis, people were forced to leave their home without getting what was promised, and the way they handled it was a failure.”

Read the entire article in Ynet (in Hebrew), here.

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