Milking Israelis for What They’re Worth

“Israel’s not holding onto its citizens, especially new immigrants, because of the low pay and high expenses,” he said, explaining how difficulty in making a living ranks as the No. 1 reason why olim leave.

In Marseille, Jews Fear Rising Tide of Terrorism

“Before I had the Star of David around my neck without any problem. I did my doctorate with the star around my neck. When I was in high school, I had a backpack from Jerusalem, and it said ‘Jerusalem’ in big letters and I had no problem. Now I can’t do that. I’d be really afraid.”

Can an Israeli Kiss a German?

“Can I kiss you?” he asks, catching me off guard. What kind of man these days asks a woman before he kisses her? I guess a German.

Underskin: A Novel

Times of Israel Review of Underskin

“Underskin may come across to some as little more than an erotic romp in the hay, but its provocative discussion of a serious subject gives readers plenty of food for thought.”

Everything Politically Incorrect You Want to Say about Sexual Harassment but Can’t

Harvey Weinstein was slimeball, but aren’t worse things happening in the world? You’d think Iran just set off a nuclear bomb from the way the media has wailed about Harvey Weinstein. You’d think at this point Weinstein–not Trump–is Hitler. He was a bully and sexual predator (and if rape allegations are true, he should serve time), but he was dealing with adults in a scuzzy world of temptation. We know by now his behavior was Hollywood’s not-best-kept-secret, so why the belated shock? While controls should be set in place to avoid machinations like his, he did what any normal, amoral, physically repulsive producer would do: propped up a lavish casting couch. And is it so wrong to still want to enjoy his great movies, like Good Will Hunting and Inglourious Basterds? A man groping your bottom is wrong and unacceptable but not that traumatic Maybe I’m a “tough cookie,” but I could think of many more traumatic acts than a man (and dirty old man) casually groping my bottom or waist. It’s wrong and unacceptable, but, depending on the context, I would mostly like tell off or shove the bozo (in self defense) and not let it seriously bother me for more than 72 hours. I’d whine “gross!” with friends, horrified, and move on. This kind of groping doesn’t render a man evil. It renders him a creep. What is truly traumatic and criminal is sexual assault, especially of minors and …

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