Upcoming German election prospects as lackluster as German Jewish future

(August 25, 2021 / JNS) The recent elections in Israel and the United States have been marked by scandals, reversals of fortune and larger-than-life personalities. From accusations of manipulated elections to the graceless fall of cult favorites, their election dramas form the stuff of conversation for years to come. What’s noteworthy about the upcoming German federal elections on Sept. 26 is that for most of the German populace—and particularly, the Jewish community—the leading candidates are hardly noteworthy at all. And not in a good way.

With Germany still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic and facing a slew of new challenges ahead—namely, a foreseeable economic decline and the tangible rise of anti-Semitism—no prospective German leader seems to hold the stature or courage to inspire the change needed for Germany, and specifically, German Jews, to prosper. READ MORE.

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