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Can Elvis Presley’s part-Jewish granddaughter redeem his legacy?

“Daisy Jones and the Six” emerges as a multi-layered story about intergenerational healing, the temptation of adultery, the risk of “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” in derailing family life, and the redemptive power of parenthood—all themes that should speak to where Keough is at today.

‘Unorthodox’s’ Aaron Altaras: The Jewish-German Ryan Gosling?

Blame it on his multi-ethnic looks and theatrical versatility, Altaras is not pigeonholed into Jewish roles — to his delight. He was bummed the shooting of his next series in which he plays a Turkish German boxer was interrupted by the coronavirus — as was his Passover trip to Israel. He would have loved to hang with the cast of “Unorthodox,” and maybe some new fans.

Actress Rafaëlle Cohen Explores Israelis’ Love of Berlin

Of her time in the European hot spot, Cohen said, “First of all, I felt the presence of Israelis in Berlin who had true open minds. And I know there was a movement of Israelis for many years to Berlin, and it fascinated me to see that the flower that blossomed out of the crack of the war was coming back to meet its root. I found that so beautiful.”

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