Fossile Brennstoffe abschaffen? How dare you!

Orit Arfa sprach mit Bestseller-Autor Alex Epstein über die katastrophale Energiepolitik Deutschlands und unseren blinden Glauben auf fossile Energien verzichten zu können. Er sagt: “Das größte Geschenk, das die Deutschen der Welt machen, ist ihr Beispiel des eigenen Versagens. Keiner wird folgen.“

Works at German art festival cause stir over anti-Israel, anti-Semitic nature

“Elements being portrayed in certain exhibits are reminiscent of propaganda used by [chief propagandist of the Nazi Party Joseph] Goebbels and his goons during darker times in German history,” said Shira Ben Tzion, spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in Berlin. “All red lines have not only been crossed; they have been shattered.”

Another German ‘mess’ has some crying foul and others keeping quiet

The Lufthansa affair comes on the heels of a community still souring over the Gil Ofarim incident, which might have damaged the credibility of Jewish claims of anti-Semitism. Could that be the cause of the muted response by the Zentralrat, the official Jewish body?

A shaken German Jewry opens arms to Ukrainian Jews

Outside of Ukraine, Germany is home to the largest population of Russian-speaking Jews in Europe. “They take it very personally because for us it’s still part of our identity; it’s not just another war on the map,” said Anna Segal, CEO of the Kahal Adass Jisroel congregation in Berlin.

Germany’s new ‘traffic light’ government signals worry for German Jews

Germany’s “traffic light” government, led by new Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), was sworn in on Wednesday under the banner “dare to make progress.” Jewish leaders, activists and analysts, however, fear that the coalition will make less progress in strengthening Israel-German ties.

Upcoming German election prospects as lackluster as German Jewish future

The positions of political parties on Jewish German life and Israel read well on paper, as they also did in person at a pro-Israel rally in May at the Brandenburg Gate, where all parties (aside from the excluded AfD) sounded unusually strong pro-Israel rhetoric.

Adventures in Vaccinating

Watch Orit’s video tri-lingual report on Israel’s massive vaccination project–and a documentation of her own attempt.

Meet Ashraf Jabari: The Palestinian populist

He shatters myths about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, finding his greatest Israeli allies in his quest for peace and normalcy among those living in Jewish settlements.

No one braids like the Challah Prince [VIDEO]

How do you make a Challah Prince?

Start with an Israeli born in Tel Aviv named Idan Chabasov, 35. Place him in Berlin with water, flour, yeast, sugar, and egg yolks. Mix with experience as a social media marketer. Add four years in art school in Tel Aviv specializing in animation. Leave to rise, isolated, during a coronavirus pandemic, allowing ample time and space for creative experiments with challah dough. And voila, or rather, challah

If Amsterdam purges prostitutes and pot shops from city center, will Jewish sites suffer?

Forward, September 30, 2020 Will the pandemic lockdown inspire Amsterdam to purge the sex and drugs from its historic core and focus more on its Jewish cultural heritage? Some natives hope so — but not necessarily the Jewish community. Like most of its European neighbors, Holland closed its borders during the coronavirus along with its …

If Amsterdam purges prostitutes and pot shops from city center, will Jewish sites suffer? Read More »

German pollster: Trump will win

(The interview is conducted in German for Orit Arfa sprach mit dem Meinungsforscher und Pressesprecher der US-Republikaner in Deutschland, Benjamin Wolfmeier, über die politische Stimmung in Amerika, die Tücken des dortigen Wahlrechts und die Aussichten von Donald Trump. Wolfmeier gehörte zu den wenigen, die 2016 einen Wahlsieg von Donald Trump vorausgesagt haben. Der Meinungsforscher folgt dabei einer anderen Methodik als viele Kollegen und sieht Trump auch diesmal vorne.

Sputnik covers Orit’s address at German parliament on Peace Accords

Eine israelische Journalistin sprach am Mittwoch im Bundestag über möglichen Frieden im Nahen Osten. Ebenso über Palästina, Israel und das Friedensabkommen mit den Emiraten durch Vermittlung der US-Regierung. Eingeladen dazu hat Außenpolitiker Anton Friesen (AfD). Wie ist Trumps Friedensplan für Nahost einzuschätzen? Sputnik war vor Ort.

Amsterdam, Sex and the Lockdown

(English with German subtitles) Das Rotlichtviertel von Amsterdam gehört für viele zur Stadt wie die Grachten oder das Van-Gogh-Museum. Dennoch gibt es Diskussionen unter den Anwohnern, ob man es nicht vor die Stadt verbannen sollte. Viele hofften, dass Corona dem schnellen Sex ein Ende bereiten würde. Doch davon kann keine Rede sein. Orit Arfa sprach vor Ort mit den Beteiligten.

My Swedish Corona Fairy Tale

Orit travels with her daughter Hanna to Stockholm to find out how they bucked the European lockdown trend–and to get a bit of fresh air.

Find The Nazi!

Orit ventured to the Bundestag, the German parliament, to take down those Nazis on the day German lawmakers voted against Israeli plans to apply sovereignty over Israeli-controlled areas. But she ran into some snags. Will the real Nazi please stand up!

An American prophet in Berlin

Richard Grenell had been making the German-American relationship more open and honest than ever before and holding Germany accountable to their ethical, historical and political obligations.

Corona baby boom? Not for many who want a baby the most

(April 21, 2020 / JNS) Amy Klein thought she had a hard time with infertility, having gone through 10 doctors, nine rounds of IVF in three countries and four miscarriages. But she thinks it’s nothing compared to what aspiring mothers are going through now with the coronavirus pandemic. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to put fertility treatments …

Corona baby boom? Not for many who want a baby the most Read More »

‘Unorthodox’s’ Aaron Altaras: The Jewish-German Ryan Gosling?

Blame it on his multi-ethnic looks and theatrical versatility, Altaras is not pigeonholed into Jewish roles — to his delight. He was bummed the shooting of his next series in which he plays a Turkish German boxer was interrupted by the coronavirus — as was his Passover trip to Israel. He would have loved to hang with the cast of “Unorthodox,” and maybe some new fans.

Corona Blues Music Video

There is no sugar coating it. There is no silver lining. There is no “good will come out of it.” There is no “look at the bright side.” There is no “at least….” We don’t know when this will end. This whole situation just sucks. Orit had no choice but to sing the blues…The Corona Blues.

Europe Braces for Extended Lockdowns

Genoa resident Eyal Lerner is an Israeli who has been living in Italy for the past 25 years. He believes Italy serves as a warning to other countries. Among the dead is his friend’s 78-year-old father, who couldn’t properly say goodbye to his loved ones.

Europe on Lockdown From COVID-19

Empty toilet paper shelves, empty seats at restaurants, empty desks in schools. These emerging iconic coronavirus images have become commonplace in Europe as the continent begins nationwide lockdowns amid a rising number of COVID-19 cases. On March 14, the World Health Organization called Europe the “epicenter” of the pandemic.

Warum sind der Iran und Deutschland so gute Freunde?

Die Absicht, der Gründung eines Regimes zu gedenken, das sich verpflichtet, Israel von der Landkarte zu tilgen, ist nur ein kleines Beispiel einer Reihe von deutschen Aktionen gegenüber dem Iran, die pro-jüdische und Menschenrechtsaktivisten dazu veranlassen, Deutschlands Reue über den Holocaust kritisch zu betrachten.

Interview with Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, Rabbi of Chabad Berlin

„Wir werden nicht untergehen“, sagt Teichtal, der 1996 „mit einem Einwegticket“ aus New York nach Berlin kam. „Wir sind froh, wir sind stolz“, gibt er zur Antwort, „sie bringen Dunkelheit, wir bringen Licht, wir werden uns nie verstecken, wir werden uns nicht unterkriegen lassen, auf keinen Fall! Never, ever, ever!“ Teichtal fordert „Nulltoleranz gegen Intoleranz“ und findet es befremdlich, „dass höchste Repräsentanten der deutschen Regierung einem Land, das Israel vernichten will, zum 40. Jahrestag der Revolution gratulieren“. Er gesteht den Deutschen ein ehrliches Bemühen um ein tolerantes Deutschland zu, sagt aber auch, dass die deutsche Gesellschaft dafür etwas tun muss: „Manchmal fehlt mir die Zivilcourage“.

How sincere is German political remorse over Halle synagogue attack on Yom Kippur?

“The interconnections of modern anti-Semitism among Islamists, the far-left and the far-right are patently obvious, and [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel offers no program of action to blunt the rise of this highly dangerous form of Jew-hatred,” said Benjamin Weinthal, fellow for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and an analyst of German politics.

The Orit Arfa Show: From Start-up Nation to Grown-up Nation Israel

Without Israeli hi-tech genius, there would be no Face ID recognition on the iPhone, no “Did you mean…?” function for Google typos…the new Berlin taxi-share service “BerlKönig” also relies on Israeli technology. So far, Israeli companies have been cooperating primarily with the USA. But more attention is being paid to Germany. Can this c to contribute to strengthening German-Israeli friendship?

Geht’s Noch, Claus Strunz?

Das Buch beschäftigt sich mit den „schlimmsten“ Fehlern des Landes und schlägt 20 Ideen vor, wie man sie beheben kann. Einer der Fehler ist, selbstredend, Merkels Entscheidung, Tür und Tor zu öffnen für Menschen mit zweifelhaften Werten und problematischem Demokratieverständnis. Das ist der Fehler, den Strunz am kompetentesten behandelt…aber seine Lösungsvorschläge sind technisch, eben klischeehaft deutsch. Er beschäftigt sich nicht mit dem tatsächlichen Grund für die Probleme in diesem Land: Deutschlands gequälter Seele.

[WATCH] Interview with US Ambassador to Germany, Richard “Ric” Grenell

On May 8, 2018, US Ambassador Richard Grenell arrived in Berlin and quickly made an impact in Germany. Orit engages the Ambassador for a 30-minute interview for the leading German online political magazine,, in which he looks back on his year in Berlin and the issues that are important to him: improving the transatlantic alliance, an authentic approach to diplomacy, NATO and the Iran deal, support for Israel, and LGBT rights.

Das kalte Date mit D

A very personal blog (in German) about Orit’s date with a German man, watching a Holocaust movie, and the frightening ending….

Single Mum auf Wunsch: Orit Arfa über ihre Entscheidung

Mum Magazine: Viele Frauen in den Dreißgern kennen das: Sie wünschen sich ein Baby, doch es fehlt der passende Partner – und die biologische Uhr tickt unerbittlich! Die israelische Journalistin Orit Arfa hat sich entschieden, Single Mum zu werden. Wie sie zu dieser Entscheidung kam und welchen Weg sie gewählt hat, um mit Anfang 40 nun ihr Wunschbaby zu bekommen, erzählt sie uns hier.

Everything you wanted to know about my Berlin Baby

My unborn daughter has already given me many gifts. Honesty, for one. For a long time, I haven’t written about my personal life, partly out of respect for my own privacy and partly for fear that it might scare men away. But I’m not scared anymore.

The Journey to Polish Citizenship

“Your Polish citizenship certificate has come through – congrats! Where would you like it sent to please? And do you have this BC [birth certificate] attached ready in hard copy so we can do Step 2?”

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