Day 11: Ariel Sharon vs. God

Sharon beat God. I was there.  I saw it, with my own eyes.  I saw the ark of the Torah and the tablets of the Ten Commandments above it.  I was in there when those beautiful, earnest, loving young women were praying and singing with all there hearts, with hope still burning inside them.  I felt their passion, their love for Israel, their love for God. I sang with them.  I heard their cries, and I cried with them. "Our Father Our King, annul all evil decrees against us!" "Our Father Our King, have mercy on us and answer us [...]

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Day 10: What’s This Country Coming To?

In all the time I've lived in Israel, my mother has never been so worried. I've lived right near cafes where terrorist bombings have taken place, but she never had my dad and sister call me to try to convince me to be careful. Now, with brutal Israeli Police threatening to use force against stubborn infiltrators, she's all aghast. She's more afraid for my safety under the threat of a Jewish army and police force than under the threat of enemy terrorist attackers. What is this country coming to? Last night soldiers were sitting on the sidewalk near the Neve [...]

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Day 9: Getting Engaged

Settlement residents and infiltrators are ambushing security forces -- ambushing their hearts and their minds. I am on the frontlines of the Jewish soul. Border police created a new human border at the entrance of each settlement, and here at Neve Dekalim, and residents and infiltrators are ambushing them -- ambushing their hearts and their minds. First, I shook their hands in my jeans and white T-shirt. They smiled back. They were trained not to smile, not to talk, but they were engaged. My friend Nava, one of the "Americans Opposing Jewish Expulsion," engaged a pretty blue-eyed woman, dressed in [...]

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