Herzliya nights (listing)

Jerusalem Post, Billboard; November 3, 2006

The city which arguably comes second after Tel Aviv as a center for Israeli nightlife is Herzliya. In the past decade, Herzliya has grown to boast not only some of the best restaurants in the country, but also some of the most happening resto-bars, bar lounges, pubs and dance bars. On weekends the Herzliya industrial zone and its yacht marina is mobbed by partyers of all ages looking to eat, dance, and drink in this bar-hoppers paradise.

Below is a selection of recommended hot spots:

Douglas A new, crowded, and happening nightlife playground built with many corners and pathways. A huge bar goes the length of the club, surrounded by little lounge areas, tables, and lots of careless bouncing and grinding in the aisle. There are several VIP rooms for special parties. These are equipped with entertainment systems.Rehov Hasadnaot 4 (09) 950-6660

Dublin The Herzliya branch of this Irish pub chain attracts a mixed crowd – singles, students, families, groups of all ages – seeking an Irish, fun-loving party atmosphere. The design of this large space is impressive, with stain-glassed windows, rugs and chandeliers imported from the Emerald Isle. Rehov Shenkar 4, (09) 954-4889

Hattori Hanzo Named after the sword in Kill Bill, Hittori Hanzo is a fun-loving dance and pick-up bar designed in classic red and black leather, for ages 23 and up. Rehov Sapir 1, (09) 951-4045.

Inga One of the more sane alternatives in Herzliya, Inga is one of the pioneering bars there, having been founded over seven years ago. Nowadays it serves as a quiet, neighborhood pub for people over 25. Soft rock plays in the background to allow for intimate conversation, a quiet drink, and a break from the craziness of the Herzliya bustle. Rehov Galgaley HaPlada 16, (09) 951-1429.

John Gotti A modest bar designed in black and named after the 80s mobster, John Gotti attracts a younger crowd on weekdays and a student crowd on weekends. For those who want to feel like a teenager again.

Karpel A New York-style dance bar whose large center bar, shaped like an “S,” is surrounded by partyers looking to get lucky. The steamy, pick-up vibe has made this a popular hangout for singles over 24. Rehov HaMenufim 9, (09) 954-1128.

Kuwan One of the more popular, Tel Aviv-style bars in the Herzliya industrial zone, Kuwan attracts an older, professional crowd. The design is classic and dark, with an upstairs gallery for groups and lounge areas around the main bar. Rehov Shenkar 16, (09) 955-1451.

Kyoto A favorite among the branja – celebrities, soccer players, and nouveau riche – looking to sip sake and munch on what is arguably the best sushi in Israel. It’s designed by the famous Gadi Halperin to evoke a cross between a high-powered New York restaurant and a Japanese sushi bar.

Lavan Modeled after the Supper Bar of Amsterdam, this very chic and high-class-chef restaurant/lounge is the place for a romantic, chill night out with gourmet food and drink. The second floor features square, mattress lounge areas where couples and groups can recline, feel rich, and enjoy the attention of professional masseurs. Rehov Abba Eban 27, (09) 958-6080.

Murphy’s Irish Public House Another invested Irish pub, this one located at the marina across from the yachts, it has a large outdoor terrace in the summer. Its relaxed and chill Irish atmosphere makes it a popular, clean-cut hangout for families, tourists, groups and couples. There’s live music weekly. Rehov HaShunit 4, (09) 956- 9495.

Rio One of the most popular, stylish and exclusive dance bars in the area. Located off the marina, Rio is frequented by local celebrities, lots of pretty girls, and students from IDC. On any given night there is sure to be a lot of wild dancing, pumping music, playful flirting, and careless drinking. Arena Mall, (050) 725-0343.

Temple Bar Located in the Cinema City mall, Temple Bar is an ideal place to hang out after watching a movie. A sports bar-style outer corridor leads to a full-fledged Irish pub designed very neatly and carefully with imported Irish decor, secluded lounge areas and a VIP room. Live bands perform weekly, and lectures on liquor are given monthly. Cinema City, Glilot, (03) 699-5536.

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