Israeli Inventiveness Gets Local Spotlight

When Noam Bardin demonstrated how Waze — a Twitter-infused GPS — got him from LAX to the Luxe Hotel on Sunset in 26 minutes during rush hour, several attendees at the third annual Israel Conference immediately took out their phones to download his app.

“The closing of the 405 [in mid-July] is the best moment to look at this app and understand what it can do for you every day,” Waze CEO Bardin said.

During the daylong conference at the Luxe Hotel on June 2, which attracted several hundred Israeli and American businessmen and entrepreneurs, CEOs of established and start-up Israeli companies were given five minutes each to show off innovative solutions for Twitter-age problems to the audience, some of which they could put to use right away. Product pitches included Genieo, a customizable newspaper-style homepage that provides news from your favorite sources; PicScout, image-recognition software designed to prevent picture cybertheft; and DudaMobile, a platform that optimizes Web sites for mobile phones (as it did for the conference’s Web site, READ MORE.

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