Midnight at the oasis (bar review)

Jerusalem Post, Billboard; December 15, 2006

One would think that Eilat, Israel’s premier resort town, would by now have several bars and pubs that appeal to older, stylish, discerning people who don’t count trance as their favorite musical genre. But Park Avenue, which opened two years ago, is among the first of its kind.

Located away from the popular, folksy tourist center, Park Avenue is an alternative to the dingy, loud and seedy Eilat watering holes. Frequented by the better-dressed tourists, local yuppies and celebs vacationing in the city, Park Avenue is the most glamorous, exclusive New York-style resto-bar in the area.

While the design isn’t as invested as some of its Tel Aviv counterparts, it certainly has an air of modernity, sexiness and sophistication. The bar, for example, is shaped like two breasts, to allow for maximum interaction and lines of sight among patrons. The atmosphere is relaxed as befits Eilat, yet lightly prestigious.

Co-owner Shlomi Amar, an Eilat restaurateur, deliberately focused on creating a high-quality, affordable menu to maximize the fun at the bars and tables – the more people eat and drink, the more lively the place. The prices are way below what such a venue could demand. Cocktails go for NIS 26 – a major bargain – and tasty salads, pastas and sandwiches start at the same price.

For those looking for a quality nightlife experience in Eilat (minus the dancing), Park Avenue is a definite recommendation.

Park Ofira (across from the Dan Panorama), (08) 633-3303
Music: DJ nightly: Sun: Ethnic; Monday: ’70s, ’80s, ’90s; Tuesday: Israeli; Wednesday: guest DJ; Thursday-Saturday: Freestyle

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