Muslims Mobs Harass Me and Others on the Temple Mount

My latest in Truth Revolt:

On Sunday, December 21, during the Jewish holiday of Hannukah, Muslim “prayer groups” intent on harassing Jews on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, charged a group of about ten Israeli students and young professionals, threatening them with cries of “Allah Akbar.” However, instead of deterring and detaining the Muslim mob, Israeli police, in the spirit of Western appeasement of Islam, arrested Israeli student Tom Nisani on accusations that he disrupted public order.

Most of the members of the Jewish group who made what turned out to be a frightening visit to Judaism’s holiest site are affiliated with “Students for the Temple Mount”, a grassroots movement that makes it a priority to go up regularly. The group was led by Nisani, a young Temple Mount activist dedicated to restoring freedom of worship and, by logical extension, Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount. CLICK TO READ MORE.


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