Fossile Brennstoffe abschaffen? How dare you!

Orit Arfa sprach mit Bestseller-Autor Alex Epstein über die katastrophale Energiepolitik Deutschlands und unseren blinden Glauben auf fossile Energien verzichten zu können. Er sagt: “Das größte Geschenk, das die Deutschen der Welt machen, ist ihr Beispiel des eigenen Versagens. Keiner wird folgen.“

Works at German art festival cause stir over anti-Israel, anti-Semitic nature

“Elements being portrayed in certain exhibits are reminiscent of propaganda used by [chief propagandist of the Nazi Party Joseph] Goebbels and his goons during darker times in German history,” said Shira Ben Tzion, spokesperson for the Israeli embassy in Berlin. “All red lines have not only been crossed; they have been shattered.”

Another German ‘mess’ has some crying foul and others keeping quiet

The Lufthansa affair comes on the heels of a community still souring over the Gil Ofarim incident, which might have damaged the credibility of Jewish claims of anti-Semitism. Could that be the cause of the muted response by the Zentralrat, the official Jewish body?

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