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Jerusalem Post, Billboard; Friday, October 13, 2006

Even the name of this new mega-bar in the Yad Harutzim bar compound of Tel Aviv evokes machismo and self-indulgence. That the Ego Bar was founded by Israeli hoopster Moshe Mizrahi together with the Israeli television channel for men, EGO, only strengthens the impression that the bar is a men’s club.

While metrosexuals and straight gals who don’t mind a little chauvinism seem like its natural clientele, it remains to be seen what kind of people this athletic, male-themed bar will attract. Ego Bar opened last week (September 29) with a loud party attended by many tall men (fellow basketball players), Mizrachi’s friends and guests of both sexes. Mizrahi insists that Ego Bar is a place where all genders should feel comfortable.

‘If you see the decor, it’s not really a man’s bar,’ he asserts. Built on the grounds of Escobar, there are no loud masculine motifs, even though there was an erotic dancer at the opening party. The colors of the bar match the EGO channel logo: red, yellow, and orange, adding warmth to the impressive space. The DJ booth, shaped like a jail cell, spins a different genre of music every night over a commendable sound system. Some of the decor is a little flamboyant, particularly the red-leathered lounge areas with their funky chandeliers, but the main bar is generally user friendly.

Mizrahi got the idea for the bar ‘on the spur of the moment,’ following conversations with friends.

But yet another athlete opening a bar? Makes one wonder if the whole endeavor isn’t just an ego trip.

Rehov Shevach, Tel Aviv
(03) 639-1551
Hours: From 9 p.m

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