Opening scene of The Settler made into a play in New York

The opening scene of The Settler was made into a play by the 24/6 Jewish Theater Company in NYC this past July as part of a three-part show exploring the pullout from Gaza from a variety of angles to mark 10 years since the pullout.

Prestige Magazine: “Arfa’s words of great power”

Shira Goldberg of Prestige Magazine wrote a glowing review of “The Settler.” In it she writes (translated from the Hebrew): There’s no way you can remain apathetic to this winning novel, which I read with baited breath. Arfa’s words of great power sweep you into an a deep, emotional connection with Sarah Dakar. While it’s a political novel, anyone can relate to the plot, the pain, the loss, and the insights along the way, to the price each character pays, and to the human story told with great sensitivity. The characters represent worlds unto themselves. Their agendas, thoughts, hopes, and desires are communicated with great honesty, and in a clear and contemporary language, that enables the reader to know and relate to them. Throughout the reading, I was able to imagine the nightclub, the home, and each and every character – right in front of my eyes in great detail, and that in my opinion is one of the foundations of a good book and the greatness of an author who knows the topic thoroughly and who knows how to communicate the heart of it superbly and with much honesty. In many senses, Arfa presents in the book a rare peak at the right and left of the Israeli political map, and the divide that only increased since the murder of Rabin until today. She epitomizes, through the characters, the prejudices each size has to the other and gives us …

Prestige Magazine: “Arfa’s words of great power”

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