According to the Torah, My Gray Hair Is a ‘Crown of Glory’, March 18, 2024

I love headbands, especially those made of colorful fabrics. They add intrigue to my locks.

But one evening, months ago, when I looked in my bathroom mirror, I noticed in my hair another kind of headband. It forms naturally across the edge of my scalp. It consists of black and white stripes and has been appearing more regularly.

My gray roots.

They are the real reason why, in my 40s, I love headbands even more. They hide not only a bad hair day, but the reminder that I’m aging.

Usually, when I’d see this gray “crown,” I’d set a night aside for the hour-long process of dyeing my roots to match my original dark brown. But as a single mother to a 4-year-old, who has time?

But there’s another reason why I’ve resisted reaching for the bottle. By covering my gray, I’d be perpetuating a minor fraud.

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