Algemeiner: “Settler Miley Cyrus” Performs “Gaza Wrecking Ball”

Writer Orit Arfa has now fully embraced her inner Miley Cyrus with the production of her second satirical knock-off music video entitled ‘Gaza Wrecking Ball.’

The curly-brown haired Jewess certainly wouldn’t be mistaken for the American pop singer, but she makes a strong effort to channel Cyrus’s style. The clip could even be as successful as her first parody of Miley’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ which she renamed ‘Jews Can’t Stop.’

In an interview on Tuesday with Israel’s Channel 2, Arfa said, “Following many demands from people who responded to the previous clip, I knew I had to come out with another video and ‘Wrecking Ball’ seemed like the obvious choice, because the Middle East is saturated with destruction.”

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