Bringing the Crusader Period to Life in Akko

Jerusalem Post, Metro, December 25, 1015

Richard the Lionheart is seeking his knight in shining armor to protect Acre, the coveted port city he just secured from the hands of the Muslim ruler Saladin. As he sets out to liberate Jerusalem, he has gathered three brave knights – one from England, one from France and one from Spain – to show off their horseback prowess at the Acre Hippodrome, a stadium for equestrian knights. The most able will be crowned the protector of Acre.

No, this didn’t really happen, at least not back then. It happened in the year of 2015, in a makeshift hippodrome located on a moat of the Crusader Hospitaller Fortress in the Old City of Acre, where the military, monastic order of the Third Crusades had set up their headquarters in the 12th and 13th centuries to maintain the safety of the Holy Land pilgrims.

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