Don’t cry over us Jews, Germany

October 24, 2023/JNS

(This article first appeared in German in

 A popular, pro-Israel political German blog,, asked me if I would like to write about Israel.

Israel, after all, is constantly in the headlines and in the hearts of the Germans, although not always favorably. Having lived in Israel and even in the Gaza Strip for a short time covering the evacuation of the Jewish settlements in 2005 by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, I would certainly have a lot to say. My dear family and friends in Israel are on the frontlines fighting—or waiting to fight.

Yes. I do have a lot to say. Maybe too much. I have so much to say (and repeat) that I’ve shut down.

Yes, this war is different. This time Israel is not simply fighting bumbling Arab Jew-haters with bad rocket aim. Hamas has succeeded in launching one of the bloodiest, most brutal, merciless pogroms against the Jewish people, meticulously, and I’d say even brilliantly executed.

They learned to paraglide with the support of the German European Union Ambassador to the Palestinians, Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff, so that they could crash into a musical festival and maximize casualties of such stunning-looking Israelis that one would think they landed in a beauty pageant.

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