German taxpayer funding for Palestinians focal point of pro-Israel rally in Berlin

Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate was lit up with an image of the Israeli flag on Saturday night in solidarity with the Jewish state after the unprecedented Hamas multi-pronged attack on Saturday that has left more than 800 Israelis dead and thousands wounded, with an estimated 163 hostages dragged across the border to Gaza.

On Sunday, three pro-Israel organizations organized a rally at the gate. Some 2,000 people gathered in the heavily guarded plaza, as many observant Jews celebrated the Simchat Torah holiday in synagogue. Some Orthodox Jews may have been unaware of the extent of the attacks, although news often spreads even in communities that don’t use electronics on holidays.

“Israel has the unrestricted right to defend itself,” Kai Wegner, mayor of Berlin, said at the event. “There is no justification for this criminal terror.”

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