Europe Braces for Extended Lockdowns

Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, March 24, 2020

Europeans are bracing for even more restrictions amid the rising number of coronavirus fatalities.


Calling the pandemic the country’s gravest post-World War II crisis, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has ordered all nonessential production to shut down. The death toll has surpassed 6,000 out of over 63,000 people infected and all citizens are homebound. An Israeli doctor in Italy told Israeli television that his hospital in Parma has stopped offering ventilators to patients older than 60.

Genoa resident Eyal Lerner is an Israeli who has been living in Italy for the past 25 years.  He believes Italy serves as a warning to other countries. Among the dead is his friend’s 78-year-old father, who couldn’t properly say goodbye to his loved ones.

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