Greco: A Hellenist Outpost in Tel Aviv (Restaurant Review)

Jerusalem Post, January 22, 2015

There’s a sense of home at Greco not just because the Souvlaki and Ouzo Bar was modeled after a quaint Greek kitchen – with metallic saucers and jars of pickled goods lining the walls – but because the color scheme is blue and white.

Then you remember that the Greek flag is blue and white, like Israel’s.

After looking at the generous menu of dishes with strange-sounding names, it’s clear that the cuisine, too, is strikingly similar: gyros are like shwarma, kpúo is like fava bean hummus, tzatziki is like labane.

The year-old Greco is a place for authentic Greek food that has a comforting, Israeli familiarity. Call it Hellenistic cuisine. Its location in the up-and-coming commercial center in the exclusive, secluded Tel Aviv neighborhood of Ezor Chen makes it an appealing Hellenist getaway.

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