Putting your eggs in one basket (cover story)

Jerusalem Post Magazine, February 6, 2015

Concerned they may have hit the snooze button on their biological clock one time too many, more women hearing the motherhood alarm are turning to egg freezing

Since biblical times, fertility has been a sensitive topic for Jewish women, with motherhood an iconic Jewish longing.

Sarah despairs at her inability to conceive with Abraham, until she finally laughs when her prayers are answered at the ripe old age of 90. Only after Rachel’s true love, Jacob, procreates with her sister and handmaidens to ensure his progeny does Rachel finally give birth to Joseph. Childless Hannah cries and prays at Shiloh, pledging her unborn son to the service of God; he answers her with the birth of the prophet Samuel.

Then there’s pain in childbirth, thanks to Adam and Eve’s original sin, which also ushers in the first real battle of the sexes.

The modern Jewish woman can, of course, always turn to God, but more and more women are also turning to doctors when God is not answering their prayers fast enough – not only for their soul mate, but for the child they hope to bear him.

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