Madrid: A Guide to the Spanish City

Jerusalem Post Magazine, January 22, 2016

When Israelis think of a vacation in Spain, the first city that comes to mind is Barcelona, ranked as one of the top three flight destinations for Israelis in 2015. Barcelona is Spain’s premiere, glossy, postcard-worthy tourism city. But for those who want to experience a more authentic taste of Spanish food, fun and fashion with fewer tourist traps and – yes – fewer Israelis, try the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Walk into any of the hundred tapas bars lining almost every block in the Madrid city center, dominated by the happening Puerto Del Sol plaza, and you’ll understand that Israelis got this snack thing all wrong. Tapas in Israel are more like miniature meals; in Spain, they’re like open-faced sandwiches – carb and protein heaven. This makes more sense, actually, since the primary meaning of tapa is “lid” and one theory has it that tapas were used as lids to protect drinks.

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