My first real death threat

As described in an article in Israellycool posted by Aussie Dave.

Meet AbedulRahman TheDon aka Makaveli, an Arab from Beit Jala who fancies himself as a bit of a rapper.

Here’s a little ditty he sent to Orit, an Israel advocate who has posted on Israellycool a few times in the past.
[warning: extremely disturbing/bad language]

Leaving aside the terrible rap and terrible English, he’s threatened to sexually assault and murder Orit, based on her political views.

So much so that a distressed Orit sent me the following to publish as a standalone post. Warning: It is really shocking (but not as shocking as the above video)

I can’t tell you exactly how I was brutally murdered, but I recall vaguely being stopped outside an event in Tel Aviv by two Muslim men. One looked very familiar. He must have been that Eminem wannabe Abedul Rachman who had sent me a “death rap,” which I’ve transferred to YouTube.

I had gone to the police right after he sent it to me on Facebook. The police and I laughed about it while still taking it seriously. You never know these days. They said they’d look into it, but since he appears to be from the Palestinian town of Beit Jala, it might be out of their jurisdiction. I guess they didn’t look into it hard enough.

And there I was, on the hard pavement. The sex and blood crazed terrorists must have figured out from Facebook where I was. Wearing black hoodies, they grabbed me and threw me into their beat-up Suzuki. I screamed, but no one heard, and they immediately gagged me, the force of their fingers bruising my arms. They took me to an abandoned alley in Jaffa, with one man standing guard, and took their turns.

I didn’t have time to think. I was too terrified.

I didn’t have time to think if I really should have done all those Miley Cyrus parodies and satiric videos they claimed are the reasons for their violent assault. I wanted to believe that I’m stronger, that I’d risk my life for freedom of speech, for the freedom to my own life, my loves, my thoughts – and to fight against the Jew haters. I wanted to think I’d even withstand this horrendous violation to stand up for what I believed in.

But it hurt, and I couldn’t think about it when they banged my head against the wall, so that all I could see was the blood washing over my eyes. I fainted as they dealt their murderous blows, an automatic reaction of my body, perhaps, to shield me from the pain.

I know a lot of cowards will say that I had it coming. I deserved this. I fueled the fire of this bloody conflict, drawing clear lines between good and evil. I should’ve kept my mouth shut, just like Abedul Rachman wanted.

But I don’t care about them. I care more about my family, and especially my mom, who was always worried about me, who always told me to be careful, and who didn’t want me to make these provocative videos. I can’t expect them to be as strong as I wanted to be. She wanted a wedding, not a funeral.

Still. People will say it’s my fault, and Abedul and his gang will have succeeded. No one will feel safe to speak the truth. They will never say anything to offend the Palestinians. They will surrender their rights to their speech, to their home, to their mind.

Because who wants to undergo the horror and terror that I underwent?

They’ll forgive the Israeli police for being incompetent and apathetic. They’ll forgive the IDF for not utilizing their authority to stop Abedul and his ilk. They’ll forgive the Jews who told me to be quiet lest my words ignite violence. They’ll forgive the Palestinian Authorities who didn’t do anything to end incitement in their communities. They’ll forgive the Prime Minister for not building deterrence against these bloody attacks. And of course, they’ll forgive Abedul, a thug who had no choice….

And I’ll be left to blame. But I’ll be thankful I’m no longer a part of this world. Thankful I don’t have to witness, in this worldly form, the death and destruction that will befall Israel for being so afraid of what others will say and think and do that they’d sacrifice basic moral principles. And I won’t be here to watch that their silence won’t help – that my friends and colleagues will be next.

But still, somewhere deep inside, I know I would do it all again.

As shocking as this is, I feel it important to publish, because it shows Orit’s very real fears regarding this situation. The rap may be laughable, but the sentiments are anything but.

Orit has reported the aspiring rapper/rapist/murderer to the Israeli police.

Here’s hoping they don’t prove to be “incompetent and apathetic” as she fears.

Here’s hoping AbedulRahman TheDon goes from sh*t rap to rap sheet.

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