Netanyahu has failed the people of Israel

I recently sent out this letter to my list. Read the rest here.

Dear friends,As you know we are on the fourth or fifth (can’t keep track) sham ceasefire that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has brokered with Hamas terrorists. This means the leader of the Jewish world has negotiated and trembled before bloodthirsty, genocidal maniacs.

We in Israel are outraged.

We know we are not safe. We know it’s a matter of time until rockets slam into our cities again, killing our women, children, men and soldiers.

The people of Israel are willing to put their lives at risk for a real, solid victory, which Netanyahu has proven that he is unable to bring. He is not willing to completely crush Hamas and build the deterrence of the country, most probably due to fear of world opinion and who knows what kind of political and economic extortion by US President Barack Obama. What’s worse – he doesn’t seem to know what victory is. Victory is not mere “quiet.” Victory is joy. Victory is our strength and pride as a people who have self-respect, sovereignty and complete safety. Victory is Hamas’ surrender, not Hamas’ victory party.

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