Review of “The Settler” in Arutz 7

“The Settler” receives a glowing review by Tova Dvorin in Israel’s leading religious nationalist paper in English, Arutz 7:

The 2005 “Disengagement Plan” resulted in some 10,000 Jews being expelled from their homes in Gush Katif and four villages in northern Samaria. This summer marks ten years since the expulsion.

Right-wing politicians warned about the potential for a terror state being established in the power vacuum as Israel withdrew from the region – and within two years, their fears were fulfilled; Hamas was elected to power in 2007, making the region their enclave in the Middle East.

“The Settler” explores these themes from the eyes of the civilian.

Sarah Dakar is forcibly wrenched from her Gush Katif home in 2005, in shock at the crisis that she firmly believes that God would not let happen to her family and her community. Heartbroken and bitter, she escapes to the extreme opposite of her former life: the Tel Aviv nightclub scene. Sarah’s quest to run away from life leads to a larger-than-life adventure in self-discovery, romance, and a hearty dose of secularism. But, ironically, it is in her quest to divorce herself that she returns to find her voice – literally.

The Settler explores the Disengagement through sincere, human eyes, boldly delving into the psyche of the people behind the stereotype.

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