The Jewish boy who drives German girls crazy

“We’ll push our way to the front,” my friend, a staunch Charlie Puth fan, told me right before the Charlie’s concert in Postbanhof Club in Berlin on May 14. “The Germans will probably stand around politely. We have the Israeli chutzpah.”

Charlie Puth, in case you haven’t yet heard, is rising talent and teen sensation, following the likes of Justin Bieber, but much more musical and, for now, at least, more clean cut. He’s famous for hits like “See you Again” and “One Call Away.” His boyish, slightly nerdy looks, have captured the hearts of teenagers across the globe. He’s Jewish from his Jewish mother’s side; his father is of German descent. Apparently, that makes for a magical combination for German girls.

I’ve never seen this much German aggression since World War II.

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