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About the author:

Orit Arfa is a journalist, author, singer/songwriter, painter, and political commentator. The proverbial wandering Jew, this Los Angeles native has lived, studied and worked in Los Angeles, New York City, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Gaza, Ariel, and now Berlin. She has over a dozen years of journalism experience, most notably as contributing writer for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and The Jerusalem Post. Her novel The Settler follows a young woman expelled from her home in the settlement of Gush Katif, Gaza and who comes-of-age while exploring the nightlife underbelly of Tel Aviv. To taste Orit’s books, music and artwork, check outwww.oritarfa.com.

About the blog:

“An Israeli refugee in Berlin” chronicles the life of Orit Arfa in Berlin in the Summer of 2016, as she delves into city life, German-Israeli relations, the refugee crisis, and the Tel Aviv-Berlin connection.  As a “refugee” escaping war-torn Israel, she attempts to see if she could make a temporary home in the country where her father was born to Auschwitz survivors after the Holocaust. Of course, to do all this, she requires a lot of beer, so you may find her in many of the city’s beer gardens at any given period.

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