The Kanye West Jews [VIDEO]

On October 11, Kanye West devastated the mainstream media when he professed his love for President Donald Trump. Just two days before, another event of equal devastation took place in Germany: German Jews professed their love for Alternative for Deutschland (AfD), which the German mainstream media has long peddled as a neo-Nazi party much in the same way they have peddled Trump as a “racist” (or worse, the second coming of Hitler).

Media analysts came out against Kanye West with as much passion as the German Jewish establishment came out against the “Jews in the Afd” (JAfD). As I reported in my JNS article covering the inaugural conference of JAfD, 17 Jewish organization united against the AfD, baffled at how Jews could join such a party, which they labeled as “antisemitic,” “racist” and “no party for Jews.”

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