Times of Israel: Pro-settler video parodies Miley

By Renee Ghert-Zand December 14, 2013

Orit Arfa in her Miley Cyrus parody video. (Screenshot)

Orit Arfa in her Miley Cyrus parody video. (Screenshot)

Can a homemade Miley Cyrus parody video showing young women gyrating on tractors, pole dancing on street signs, writhing on hillsides and licking stones help the Israeli settler cause?

Orit Arfa, the creator and star of the video, thinks that, at the very least, it can’t hurt. Others might disagree.

Arfa, an American-Israeli writer (and Times of Israel and LA Jewish Journal blogger who labels herself a “settler against the occupation”) living in Ariel, sees a kindred spirit in the infamous pop star with a penchant for twerking and sticking out her tongue.

“In a deviant world where good is hailed as evil and evil is hailed as good, perhaps good people in this world must find the most unlikely of allies, like Miley, who probably experiences as much world censure as individual Jews whose only crime is making a peaceful, loving home in the Biblical heartland,” Arfa tells The Times of Israel in an email interview.

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