March 31, 2016, Read the original in the Jewish Journal

A new refugee is storming your shores.

She is known to be extremely dangerous. Some people call her a radical. In some countries, she has a price on her head. She is a woman with a vengeance, a defender of her people. She’s sometimes armed – with biting humor, a sharp tongue, and irony.

Her name is Orit Arfa. And she is fleeing war-torn Israel to find refuge in the capital of a country in which her father was born in a Jewish DP camp after the War.

Beware. She will invade your streets, cafes, bars, nightclubs, museums, libraries and government halls and write – and sing – about what she sees.

Yes, now Germany really is in trouble….

(In other words, I’m moving to Berlin for the summer coming mid-May for that coveted Israeli-Berlin experience. Stay tuned for my journalism reports and this here blog, “An Israeli Refugee in Berlin.” Germany cannot say it hasn’t been warned.)

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