The Settler EP is out!

I’m excited to share with you a special moment, a small dream come true!

We are about to celebrate Purim, the holiday of Jewish salvation because a brave woman Esther spoke out to the Persian monarch about her wish to save her people. But it’s more than just a tale about Jewish egoism – it is a universal call to be who you are, and never allowing anyone or a state to suppress that. When Esther approached the King, she sounded her voice.

It is on this occasion that I launch my EP, The Settler, that goes along with mynovel of the same name – a modernization of the Purim tale – with songs that are inspired by the idea that you must be true to who you are, and it is this idea that should drive our politics and who we choose as our leaders. A truly free state is one that allows individuals to speak their minds, discover who they are and – to SING!

So for the perfect holiday music, download my music on iTunes or Google Play. Happy Purim!

Click here or on pic for iTunes                             Click here or pic for Google Play
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